“Some clients call us a breath of fresh air, which is quite fortunate,
because we are not terribly comfortable operating any other way.”
Progressive and Tailored

We’re different. We challenge.

The true measure of any trusted business advisor is their ability to create a proactive, yet comfortable, experience that results in an outcome that matches or exceeds your expectations. If you are looking for loyal, ethical, knowledgeable and caring CPAs, who understand the nuances to achieving personal and business goals, you want Accounting & Tax Advisers CPAs – a Lombard Illinois CPA firm with a history of shaping futures.

We’re different for many reasons. We’re problem solvers. We’re thinkers. We’re financial architects. We’re solution providers. We view financial matters from an angle not viewed by most. Our unique strategies and viewpoints fulfill financial dreams!

No 1:
The Courage to Imagine

Our concepts deliver exceptional value to both businesses and individuals. We have truly learned that the road less traveled is usually the road to financial success.

No 2:
Small Meets Large

The best of both worlds. At ATA, we combine the advantages, expertise, and services of a large firm with the relationships you’d expect from a small one.

No 3:
Reduce Your Tax Burden

We design and help you implement innovative, customized tax strategies and we’ll educate you on how to reduce and minimize your taxes and your risk of audit.


Why choose us

Quality Services

We always dedicate the time required to provide our clients with accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information.

Dignity and Respect

Our practice is built on providing honest and ethical accounting solutions for our clients.

Knowledge & Efficiency

Each of us and together bring clients the benefits of our shared expertise and insight.


How can we help


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