Are you ready?

Are you ready for your business to support your life? Are you tired of being paid last – and not enough? What if you could be profitable starting this month? Can you imagine how would that change your life?

We are strong proponents of implementing a behavior system that uses natural human tendencies to support the business owner. Bookkeeping is keeping the books. Our strategy of profiting first teaches you to how to ACT so that when your bookkeeping is done you will have enough money to:

    • Reward Yourself Quarterly With Your Business’ Profit
    • Pay Yourself Regularly
    • Cover Your Taxes
    • Efficiently Cover Your Operating Expenses

Most business owners budget their cash flow through “bank balance accounting”. If there is money in the business account they either take it out or reinvest it in the business. That sounds simple enough, but it leads to highs and lows – at home  – at tax time – and when life throws a curve ball.

By implementing a strategy in which you profit first, are being coached weekly (at first), and then monthly, you will learn to take your profit first, ensuring your business is always profitable.  Many Lombard accountants can do your bookkeeping and your taxes, but it takes a special one to help you maximize your profits.

We can help you turn your accounting upside down. Instead of focusing on your cash flow in these terms:

Revenue minus Expenses = Profit

Let’s shine a light on that profit immediately and start running your business the right way.

Revenue minus Profit = Expenses

The math may be the same, but the entrepreneur’s behavior will radically change. If you’re ready to start pulling consistent and growing profits from your business we need to talk!