Profit & Loss Statement: A Guide for Small Businesses

Tracking your financial progress is crucial to know how your small business is doing. Profit and loss statements for small businesses make it easy to keep track of your profit, expenses, and bottom line so you can balance your budget and grow your business. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about […]

How To Make Financial Projections: A Guide for Small Businesses

Many small business owners find that creating and understanding financial statements and financial projections are daunting tasks, despite their importance. Creating financial projections is incredibly challenging if you don’t know the process for making them. Though you can use software to develop vital business documents and monitor your net income and gross margin, they won’t […]

4 Reasons You Should Hire a CPA

If you're a small business owner or self-employed, you probably already know the value of having a professional do your taxes. However, even if your taxes seem straightforward, there's a lot to gain from hiring a certified public accountant (CPA). Read on to learn 4 reasons you should hire a CPA for this year's filing.   [...]

Six Tax Tricks that You Could Save On

Most of us probably spend at least a few days’ worths of time every year contemplating the fact that we, as individuals, pay a higher percentage of our income in taxes over the course of that same year than most millionaires. Whether or not you’ve ever found yourself musing over this particular conundrum, There are [...]